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If anything happens, we are here!

16.07.2009 | Hiv-Danmark nyheder, Andre nyheder

Af: Morten Eiersted, Editor VI&HIV

During World Outgames Hiv-Danmark is open for counselling. VI&HIV has interviewed counsellor Miss Tina Bruun and Mr. Tonny Hertz about their work during World Outgames.

Why are the consellors working during World Outgames?

 - We have received two donations which makes it possible for us to have two counsellors at work. They can deal with special HIV related matters which are bound to be there during that week, says Tina Bruun.

- We know that a lot of people with HIV will be attending World Outgames. It’s important that they can be referred quickly if the fall sick or if they loose their medication. It happens every now and then during the holiday season, so it is likely to happen during World Outgames as well, says Tonny Hertz.

- Bisides referring people we are able to give counselling, says Tina Bruun. About PEP, if the condom breaks, or if a person suddenly has some sort of trauma due to HIV.


How can you be reached?

 - When you call a hotline,, tel. +45 33 91 11 19 (9-23 weekdays, 11-18 weekends), if you turn up at the Emgency Room or the local out patient HIV center at Hvidovre Hospital or Rigshospitalet, they will refer you to us, if you seek HIVcounselling or specific HIV information that cannot be given at the hotline or the out patient HIV centers, says Tonny Hertz.

- We are three employees, that are available all week, says Tina Bruun, so if anything happens, we are here!


Dansk Tennis Fond and Emma og Frederik Kraghs Mindelegat has donated grants to Hiv-Danmark which makes it possible to offer special counselling during World Outgames.