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Hiv-Danmark is a national organisation for all people living with HIV (PLHIV), and those affected by HIV, living in Denmark, irrespective of method of infection, gender, sexuality or nationality.
Hiv-Danmark is engaged in safeguarding the needs of PLHIV, relatives and bereaved. Hiv-Danmark is an umbrella-organisation for individuals, self-help groups and other societies for PLHIV as well as user-groups attached to HIV wards at hospitals.

If you are new to Denmark or moving to Denmark you can read about treatment here.

You can join Hiv-Danmark as a PLHIV, relative or as a supporting member.
For further information, please contact: E-mail or view our publication listed here.

Contact details

Vestergade 18E, 4th floor
DK-1456 Copenhagen V
T +45 33 32 58 68 (weekly 11 am-3 pm)

Morten Eiersted Information Officer